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hOHM Yoga School

Our high quality trainings are a blend of Eastern philosophy, with Western alignment, for a well- rounded,  in-depth course designed to create competent and confident teachers of Yoga.

Our lineage stems from 'the sleepless saint' in Paramahansa Yogananda's famous book "Autobiography of a Yogi" and is based on what is said to be the oldest schools of though, Samkhya philosophy. Indian philosophy is primarily interested in the search of the truest truths, after all else remains known. Samkhya philosophy translates to "The theory of numbers or enumeration" and the sublte energies that govern the universe and all living things. It is the link between concsiousness, energy and matter. How the subtle energies affect us in our every day lives.


Our trainings are conducted in beautiful scenery, which is one way to enhance the teaching of yoga.  To immerse yourself in an environment that is surrounded by nature and life force energy, is to benefit fully from any yoga programme which will enhance your Yoga Teachers Training experience through the ability to create new habits and landscape your outlook on life in a fresh, new way. You will be able to get in touch with your inner world and face new challenges that will help you to grow that you might not be able to experience in the city or online, where the air quality and surroundings are not so conducive to a beginners yogic life style.

200 hour Chakra Yoga Teacher's Training

This fully immersive training is the heart of our hOHM Yoga School journey.

This scientific approach to yoga systematically guides the practitioner towards liberation, through up levelling your vibrational field and level of consciousness on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual journey.The course is based on the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga, where each of the limbs gains more than adequate exposure throughout the training.

Together, we begin with the basics, gradually building, layer upon layer of understanding through a mix of theory and practice.

Dive deep into your own self through self- analysis, to gain in depth insight into who YOU are in your essence.

As you take yourself out of your stories, and start to focus on your body, on your breath, you will find moments of being in the here and now, and realize that you are the creator of your destiny. Practice, and all is coming.

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16 hour Aerial Yoga Teacher's Training

Our Aerial Yoga TTC is a weekend immersion and one of the most popular courses in the country.

You will gain massive amounts of information pertaining to the art of Aerial, brought to you in our signature Chakra Yoga style. This is an intensive programme for Yoga Teachers, as well as for personal use of any one wanting to learn more about Anti Gravity Yoga.


Check out our upcoming Aerial TTC

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