Yoga & Wellness

Healthy Body.

Clear Mind.

Satisfied Soul.

Your journey towards


begins here..

Bringing mindful awareness into all aspects of your being through yoga..

We teach you tools in the 4 plains of
Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual
aspects of your being, so that you can be the best version of yourself..

Chakra (and Aerial) Yoga and all that this system encompasses will set you on the path to liberation.
Yoga is for all levels, all lifestyles and all ages.
We all have a guru within us, can you be Still enough to hear yours? (The answer is YES!, Yes you can!)

Hi, I’m Sim, your Yoga and Mindfulness Therapist.

It is my purpose to guide you towards who and what it truly means to feel passionately alive today, and every day. You are not alone. And you are amazing!

From the loud crazy party girl… to 5 days in total silence, with many spiritual blessing & lessons learned in between. I have found a way to heal and I know with every fibre of my being, you have the power to transform anything too! If I can do it, so can you!

In love, light & all things bright,


We offer stunning Yoga Related Classes, Workshops, Events & Retreats.

Aerial Yoga Shop

hOHM Aerial Yoga Hammocks

We stock a range of hammocks to suite your budget, as individuals & at whole sale prices.
The uses of the hammocks are endless- perfect for meditations, deep relaxations, strong core work, aerial yoga, and beautiful flows that aid in your regular yoga practice. The Benefits are increased blood circulation, easy inversions, build strength & flexibility, and actually just have some fun!