Yoga Styles

Yoga Styles

Types of Yoga That we encorporate into our Workshops, Retreats & TTC


The most important aspect to our yoga practice according to the Chakra Yoga Philosophy is the BREATH. Infact, it is the most essential element in all our lives. It is the sign of life.

Yoga shows you how to harness the life force energy within a breath to gain massive benefits in all areas of the self. This allows freeing up of vital life-force energy within the body, which energizes your body & enriches your very cells –See “Breathing Workshop”


All our physical Yoga Classes incorporate breath work, meditation, yoga poses & a long relaxation. hOHM Yoga Sanctuary is a place that makes you feel safe & secure in your practice so that we can help your spirit to fly!


yoga hatha yoga yoga in the studio shala

Hatha Yoga Flow

The aincient practice of yoga has risen from enlightened observation of  how our life force expresses itself within our bodies. This has been translated into your classical yoga postures designed to create space & open up energy patterns within us. You are working on cells, organs, glands & the body as a whole.

yoga pose twist asana yoga

Chakra Yoga

Focusing on the 7 main energy centres that reside up your spine & their corresponding elements (earth,water etc) & how they govern the glandular & hormonal systems within your body.

A really informative & fun twist on Classical Hatha Yoga

aerial yoga asana mountain yoga flow flying yoga fly high anti gravity

Aerial Yoga

Defy gravity & learn to fly! Lean into your yoga hammock & feel the support from the sky.  An incredible detox, a fun new way to turn your world upside down and the right way around.

(No experience necessary)

pregnant preggy yoga anti natal belly yoga post natal post partum yoga class south coast south africa doula

Pre & Post Natal

This is an incredibly powerful time in a woman’s life & yoga is SUCH an amazing tool to use for ALL symptoms of pregnancy. Sim has had the joys of 2 home water births & practiced yoga even while birthing. She is a trained Hypnobirthing instructor & Doula, so can lead an expecting mom through all 4 trimesters.

candle light lit yin yoga yoga class relaxation relaxing stress free honour love relax heal healing

CandleLit Yin Yoga

Beautifully calming restorative postures that will help to connect to what is underneath the superficial layers of your body. (Connective Tissue called fascia) The gentle yet deep stretches are held for longer than usual, which allows for openness & flexibility of the body & mind.

acro yoga partner yoga

Acro Partner Yoga

A great way to connect a group of people, a couple, friends, or people who are meeting for the first time.

Experience fun, laughter & silliness and you will feel your core the next day for sure!

Aerial yoga on the beach

Bamboo Beach Aerial Yoga

A unique opportunity to experience something new to SA, and most of the world.

Be suspended above the ocean hanging on a hammock, lifted by a Tripod made of Bamboo.

This is a workshop style class, where everyone gets a turn to try out some fun new tricks in the fabric.

Min of 3 people

moon dancing gabrielle roth ecstatic dance dancing let go sweat yoga

Moon Dancing

Based on the great Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms

A liberating no-rules dance, used as an offering or to ‘Sweat your prayers’, let go of what is no longer serving and shake it all out.

Move through different songs that are intertwined with the idea of 5 main energies. You will feel amazing!


ygga classes

Mantra Kirtan

Chanting Mantras and sacred sounds is so beneficial to the breaking of patterns and bad habits.

Accompanied by the Harmonium, you will uplift your energies and work into the subconscious of the mind.

Mantra means instrument of the mind in Sanscrit.  You will learn how to use sacred sounds to break through negative thought & behavioural patterns, speak your truth & liberate your true voice.

You can also go deeper by choosing which workshop you would like to attend

Workshops are a more interactive way of learning new skills in your chosen area. Have a look at some of what we offer