2021 Yoga Teacher’s Training

Please note: Simmi will be attending a silent vipassana meditation retreat from 24th March to 5 April 2021.

Please contact Shani at Mantis and Moon Backpackers for enquiries info@mantisandmoon.net for any queries and bookings.

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200 hr Chakra Yoga Teachers Training

A Chakra Yoga Experiential program that is recognized all over the world.

30 day immersion training: 
7 May to 6 June 2021
Early Bird Special before 30 January 2021: R18 000 accredited Teachers Training
R22 000 Investment to a whole new you, with a new career path & perspective.
 Chat to us about payment plans <3
Please note: these prices DO NOT include food & accommodation.

A unique systematic way to study the Science behind classical yoga that spans way beyond the physical asana practice known as modern yoga today. This course is designed for anyone that feels a lack in their yoga practice, where no area is more important than the other, and aspects of spirituality & personal development blossom within the mind-body-spirit triangle.

Within the sacred texts of “The Yoga Sutras”, through the Samkhya Philosophy of Yoga, We are introduced to Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga. Together, we will explore these philosophies within the context of the chakras as listed below.
We will focus on aspects of physiology (glands & organs), phychology (characteristics), Sacred geometry, sounds of yoga, type of yoga, specific meditations, pranayamas & asanas associated with each chakra energy centre. This creates a deep understanding of the inner workings of the self.

The Basics of the Chakra Yoga System:

1. Muladhara Chakra:
Earthing- We begin our yogic journey by building a steady foundation, physically grounding ourselves & connecting to the roots of Mother Earth. Establish our place in our bodies and the material world in which we live through practicing Hatha Yoga Asanas, getting us out of our heads & into our bodies, including yoga body building (dandhalls)
2. Swadhistana Chakra:
Flowing-connecting to our sacred feminine & sexuality, the element of water & the moon. Delve into our menstrual cycles & finding awareness in our natural flows. Practice Jnana Yoga.
3. Manipura Chakra:
Blazing- The centre of our power. we dive into the masculine energy of the sun, turn up the heat, take a look at our digestion & consciously connect with our food. Practice Pranayama Yoga.
4. Anahata Chakra:
Air- Connecting to the centre of our being through our heart centre. Learning to choose love vs fear, finding joy through compassion for all beings. Practice Karma Yoga.
5. Vishuddha Chakra:
Ether-, we sing around the fire, learn mantras, including the seed & petal sounds for each Chakra, blasting away limiting beliefs & thoughts, to decipher our highest truth & live in accordance to our highest purpose. Practice Raja Yoga
6. Ajna Chakra:
Magnet- we seek balance through self- analysis (swadiyaya) using the 4 directions of our minds. We learn meditation concentration techniques. Practice Yantra Yoga (Yoga of sacred Geometry)
7. Sarasrara:
Consciousness itself. we gaze at mandalas to strengthen the mind's eye. Tap into deep aspect of walking the spiritual path. Mantra Yoga - using sound as a deeply healing tool.
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Chakra Hatha Yoga

We begin with the breath, and then allow the asanas to start the healing process within us.  There are SO many benefits to maintaining a daily yoga practice that includes asanas as a primal point of grounding into this material world.
The physical practice will consist of the main 84 Hatha Yoga postures, (and as many of their 84 000 000 variations as possible. The asanas are presented in a way that connects to each energy centre of the body, the organ & glands associated with chakra.
One example would be: tapping into the heart centre 4th chakra, Anahata, the centre of unstruck sound, through love, compassion and healing affirmations & intentions in mind. Heart opening poses are done, creating flexibility of the entire spine, for example, the camel and wheel pose. Tapping into the functions of the heart,lungs & skins, and learn how to rejuvenate the organs connected to this centre.
Find out how the hormonal system works in the body to re-create health, walking away with a comprehensive understanding of how and why we need to incorporate physical yoga postures into our daily lives. 
Learn the mechanics, anatomy and physiology of each posture, and how to put them into flows, sequence & structure classes according to what you want to present (eg. slow flows, power & strength, flexibility, restorative etc.. and all you need to know in able to teach safely and with confidence.
Practicing a yogic lifestyle for 31 days, in a stress free environment is extremely recommended to break the bondage of bad habits, and to grow by leaps & bounds in all areas to live a more mindful life.
Simmi & Shani, and other guest teachers will share their knowledge, connections, personal practices & experiences, and take you on adventures to meet other spiritual guides in the spiritual area of the South Coast.
The result? The very rate at which your cells are vibrating will begin to take on more harmonic frequencies as you raise your energy levels & vibration to a point where dis-ease & anxiety no longer have a place in your body, allowing health and inner healing to manifest in all areas of your life.
Of course, many people have other commitments that inhibit them from attending a 31 day yoga teacher's training. Thus the 7 months, monthly training has been born. (Please contact us for more on this option)
Get out into nature, breathe in pranic (life force energy) filled air, and be drawn up into your highest self.

A Typical Day of Training in Paradise

6:00am Mantras & Prayers
6:30am Pranayama Yoga (Breathing Techniques)
7:00am Morning Asana Practice & Yoga Nidra
9:00am Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast
10:30am Yoga Philosophy
12:30 Fresh Vegetarian Lunch & Break
4:00pm Physical Asana Practice
6:30pm Meditation
7:00pm Dinner
8:00pm Movie/ Meditation/ Dancing/ Sacred Practices & ceremonies etc
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Lead Yoga Teacher, Simmi Fink, E-RYT500 registered with Yoga Alliance has immersed herself in the practice of Yoga from her 500hr Chakra Yoga TTC in Thailand, including a month focus on yoga Therapy for Healing-where she experienced her first spiritual awakening-straight into building & running her retreat centre in the fresh aired town of Umzumbe.
She has hosted & collaborated over 20 retreats & learnt from many wonderful names in the international and SA Yoga industry.
Since then, she has trained in Preggy Yoga, HypnoBirthing, 2x Aerial Yoga TTC’s, Kids Yoga, Energy Healing, WOMBS Doula and been on many detox & yoga retreats.
She has also trained with Break-Thru Dance company over 5 hours a day for 3 months, and won Best physique in Lisa Raleigh's fitness challenges, which she did for over 6 months.
Sim’s fiery energy is dedicated to keeping her body strong through many avenues, from yoga, gymnastics, dancing, aerial yoga, swimming, gym etc.
She stokes her spiritual fire by attending weekly meditation circle, weekly healing circle with her guides (Swami’s), is a certified registered healer & member of the spiritual church.
Her classes are gentle enough for those on the beginning of their journey, and physically powerful enough to satisfy the advanced yogi. Sim also has a degree in Marketing Management.
Simmi has invited the best in their fields to host workshops on this TTC, so you will get a mix of styles, knowledge & energy.

Our incredible assistant Yoga Teacher, Shani is a Chakra Yogi who believes in following the path of intuition, listening to one’s heart and tapping into the inner guru. Being born into a family of Yogi’s, Buddists and Energy Healers she was surrounded by spiritual influence and always felt drawn to find her deeper calling.  It was through this path that she was guided to study Chakra Yoga with the beautiful and inspiring Simmi and then went on to study one on one with Simmi’s teacher and founder of Chakra Yoga, David Goulet. These experiences reconfirmed for her the importance of being in tune with our true nature and purpose, our Dharma. She believes that when we align with our Dharma we can be of better service to ourselves and to humanity as a whole. Shani feels that The Chakra Yoga System is a deep and comprehensive education and exploration into the truths of Yoga and the magical world of the Chakras.

 “ I am eternally grateful to have stumbled onto this path, to have received the gifts of this magical Lineage passed down from teacher to teacher and to have the opportunity to share this magic with others.”

The incredibly talented yogi, and dear friend, whom I am inspired by always, Keri Miller (East Coast Radio Breakfast Show & Yogi) has brought such a light to our lives and our TTC's. Keri shares Vinyasa Sequencing workshop and wisdom when it comes to dealing with music and playlists in the classes.
Kim Francis- a wonderfully bright lady, and my second mother, will be leading us through her many years of training and practice of an Introduction to Kundalini Yoga.. Working on awakening the energy that lies dormant at the bottom of our spines.
Kristin McKenzie - Doula, turned dear friend and confidont, she is a Wise Wild Woman with insights and knowledge we all wish we had. She will be sharing aspects on the sacred feminine, and is our 5 rhythm inspired ecstatic dance lead instructor.
Other names TBC as the inspiration strikes 😍

The Chakra Yoga System was passed down from "the sleepless saint" of Paramahansa Yogananda's book, 'Autobiography of a yogi" to one of his students, Indian born Swami Gitananda Giri, who practiced as a medical doctor between England, USA and Canada for 38 years. He then opened an Ashram in India, which still runs today.

David Goulet was one of Gitananda's students, where he studied in India for 2 years in 1971. 50 years later, David has immersed himself fully into the depths of yoga we only wish we understood. He has been teaching TTCs for 38 years now, and now resides at his Yoga Centre in Koh Phangan, Thailand. See his website for more of what we will tap into on this training

Mantis & Moon Backpacker's Lodge

About the Accomodation:
Mantis & Moon Backpackers is one of the world's best backpacking lodge. You will feel like you are on a little island somewhere far, far away. Tropical trees surround the wooden bungalows & walkways, all private and nestled in the jungle. There is a pool, jacuzzi, games to play, awesome staff and a very special feeling.
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The Ultimate Act of Self Love

Course Fee: 
 R22 000
* for 31 days intensive training over 200 hours, excluding food & accommodation & activities.
Mantis & Moon accommodation options to suit individuals needs, from pp sharing (R6300 for 31 days), to the famous treehouses. (R9000 for 31 days.. usually R820 per night) Arrive a day or 2 early to settle in, free of charge.
Please do chat to us about other accommodation options.
You could also stay at Little Mantis, the Luxury Yoga House either sharing or alone, for the same price as you would stay at Mantis & Moon. The perks are amazing! Ocean views, Private Space, Pool and a specially designed house built by a true German Carpenter.
The premises will be reserved for Yogi’s only, and no alcohol will be available, for the duration of the TTC. It is recommended to stay on the premises, to foster community and connection between participants, and to focus solely on this training for heightened results.
Food options are vegetarian, or vegan, with options to participate on the cleanses we will learn about, to aid us on our yogic journey towards purification of the body, the quieting of the mind and the soothing of the soul.
  • Food Menu @ R240 per day for 3 meals/day
  • All the bells & Whistles @ R325 per day
  • Optional: choose one or 2 meals a day and cater some of your own. We do however encourage healthy, green leafy vegetarian diets with no moeat/ minimal processed foods etc to aid the detoxification process.

Register to BEcome a Knowledgable Yoga Teacher

This TTC immersion will change your life, whether an established yogi or a beginner.
-There will be an interview to establish whether or not this course is right for you
-There will be a written & practical exam that must be passed at the end of the training

Already a Yoga Teacher? Want to work with us?

An awesome opportunity to Volunteer as a resident Yoga Teacher at Mantis & Moon Backpacker's Lodge & hOHM Yoga.