The only bad yoga class, is the one you didn’t do.

Just like the word Yoga has over 100 meanings, it has just as many benefits. Yoga is the practice that creates a healthier, happier you exuding confidence & light! The body is made up of cells called matter, & YES, the body really does matter!

A few other benefits are (but not limited to):

  • Balanced Hormones
  • Strengthened Nervous System
  • Improved Immune System
  • Increased  focus & concentration
  • Increased Flexibility & Strength
  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Decrease stress
weekly yoga schedule and yoga classes south coast umzumbe pumula

Weekly Schedule

Please whatsapp Sim on +27828207505 to book your spot and find out our weekly schedule.

Our Local Whatsapp Group is updated every Sunday.

Mid Week Classes: 8am

Weekend: TBC (8 or 9am)

We have many guests & holiday makers requesting classes as they arrive, so we are always adding new classes to the weekly schedule.

*Weekends & Extra Classes: We are more than willing to add extra classes upon request. (Usually Sat afternoon & Sunday morning, 2+ People.)

Other classes that we offer are: Aerial Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Partner Yoga, Beginner’s, Candlelight Yin, Breathing Workshops, Meditation, Moving Meditations, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Hypnobirthing Anti Natal Classes, Kid’s Yoga, Family Yoga, Chakra Energy Reading Analysis, Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms Inspired.

Self Love

Paying for a yoga class is not even a gift, but an investment in yourself.

You deserve to look after & LOVE YOURSELF! Infact, practicing yoga on a regular basis is for the greater good of mankind.. It cultivates the fruits of the spirits:  patience, kindness, self-regulation, love, joy, peace & serenity. You are one class away from saving the world!

Yoga reverses diseases & aging, gets rid of body pains & all types of ailments & sicknesses. Like my great teacher always says: “The side effect of yoga is health” – David Goulet from Pyramid Yoga, Thailand.


Private Lessons: R500- 90 minutes

Get the best out of your practice with individual attention, where we can work through  not only alignment in your physical practice, but stresses that are disturbing the balance of the mind - body - soul connection. The result is an experience where body and breath meet to allow feelings of peace and bliss to wash over, on the way towards a healthier, happier you! The benefits of a Private Session are indescribable. You do not need prior experience, and we meet you where you are at. highly recommended.

Group Yoga Prices:

R150 -Drop- in Class

R350 -3 Class Pass

R500- 5 Class Pass


Local’s Special *

R100 Drop-in

R450 – 5 Class Pass in 2 months

R750 – 10 Class Pass in 4 months

R250 - Beginner’s Special (If you are new to yoga) 4 classes in one month


Aerial Yoga Prices -PRE- BOOKING ESSENTIAL 8 spots only.

R200 Drop- In Class

R170 Local Special

2x Class Passes = 1x Aerial Class

beginners aerial yoga aerial classes schedule yoga south coast pumula umzumbe hibberdene port shepstone

*Please note: Terms & Conditions Apply:

  • you need to be currently living in Hibiscus Coast to qualify for the discount.
  • The Class Pass is valid for 2 or 4 months respectively.
  • EFT option for payment to book your spot; Please whatsapp for banking details
  •  CASH ONLY will be accepted upfront in the beginning of class for those who have not already paid via EFT.

-No Credit Card Facilities Available.

What you need to know & bring:.

  • Classes are 75 minutes long, ending with a well-deserved 15 minute relaxation
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allows for movement & bending and a scarf/towel/blanket for relaxation.
  • For Aerial yoga, clean feet & body, long pants & waste length tops are recommended. Please take off all jewellery to save the fabric from tears.
  • For beginners, just bring yourself! We are fully equipped with yoga mats, bolsters etc for your first class and, after which, please bring your own mat. There is a place for locals to keep your mat in the studio.
  • For travelling Mantis& Moon guests, all shall be provided
  • You may bring water & a towel, but leave your worries & your shoes at the door! -Please have a shower before- we will be breathing through our noses 😉
  • Mantis & Moon Backpackers and hOHM Yoga must be clearly stated in ALL photos or videos taken & used in any social media or public way. For promotional use in any way, permission must be granted before hand.
  • Make sure you have signed the indemnity form

See where we are travelling to this year on our Yoga Holiday!

This is going to be an amazing trip of sand, sun, sea, yoga, chilling, dancing, and having a great time!