Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

We host fun, informative Workshops on numerous healthy living & alternative topics not only about Yoga, but many health & wellness related topics.

As we teach, so we learn so please contact us for anything you are interested in. We might just be able to share some light onto your subject of choice. Usually around 2 hours long & will incorporate a bit of movement, breath & highlight the chosen subject matter.

All things Yogi Workshops:

  • Breathing (Pranayama)

  • 8 limbs of Yoga

  • Chakra Yoga Workshop

  • Conscious Cooking & Eating

  • Probiotics

  • Making Healthy Chocolate & Delish Desserts

  • Mud Body Detox

  • Personal Internal Organ Massage

  • Fasting Workshop

  • Guided Walking Meditations

  • Ho’ Oponono Meditations

  • Mantra Kirtan

  • Manifestation

  • Business Workshops

yoga study workshop

Workshop Prices from R250 pp if more than 4 people, and depending on the type, could cost extra for supplies (for example, in the case of cooking demos)


Our top 3 include:


- Our life is governed by our breath. It’s the first thing we do when we are born, & the last thing we do when we leave the earth.

The answer to healing dis-eases cannot be as simple as proper breath training, or can it?? We are emotional beings: We laugh & we cry. Our body experiences these emotions through the way we breathe. Most of us only use 40% of our lung capacity. Let’s expand & breathe life into our bodies together. You will feel alive again!

Organ Self Massage

Always a popular & life changing event. We learn how to give our digestive tracts a hand (no pun intended) learn how to alleviate, detox & improve the functioning of our organs using self massage techniques.  This is REALLY an aha moment!


An introduction & overview on meditation, becoming the observer of the monkey mind. Being still with your thoughts & striving or remaining present. Meditation WILL benefit your life in such positive way. included in all workshops is a guided meditation &  a long, deep relaxation.

The Union of all things Loving

Putting many aspects of these workshops into a fulfilling schedule, a balance of effort and play, our retreats offer a fulfilling experience for you to enjoy.