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Thank You for your interest in our hOHM Yoga Hammocks!

We pride ourselves on high quality, professional yoga hammocks for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own hOHM.


We make our aerial yoga hammocks with passion and joy for this incredible sport that will leave you strong, flexible and relaxed.

The hammocks have been tested to 1T weight bearing load (force appropriate for when you begin to do more tricks)

The daisy chains have been tested to withstand 200kg force individually, (with 2x daisy chains that is 400kg breaking point) to ensure safety in the equipment.

WARNING: Mis-use of Aerial Yoga & Equipment can result in serious injury or even death. While we have prepared the hammock to the best of our ability, the purchase and the use of the fabrics is entirely upon OWN RISK.

Please use crash mats for kids and adults, if doing any types of tricks. These hammocks are intended for the use of aerial yoga. When attempting tricks, please make sure you are under correct supervision and ALWAYS check your equipment thoroughly before jumping on to it.



Aerial Yoga Hammock Set

Premium Set R2500

Our new stock has arrived!!

Colour choices as at 13 June 2022:

  • Sky Blue
  • Mint Cream
  • Black Shadow
  • Teal Treat
  • Silver Sunset
  • Pink Blossom
  • Red Rose
  • Juicy Orange

The real McCoy. The longer length allows for extra long relaxations and adding fun tricks into your practice. The set includes:

  • Fabric 2.8m x 5m
  • Daisy Chains x 2
  • Caribiners x2

extra length R350 per metre

To choose alternative colours, or buy in bulk, please email us directly.

  • For orders of colours that are in stock, please allow for 24 to 48 hours for your order to be processed (we will get to you as soon as we can!) Delivery takes 2 to 3 days, door to door.
  • For orders of colours not in stock, please allow for 6 to 8 weeks for your order to be delivered to you. * Please note that since lock down, the prices have increased dramatically, so this price might not be here for long.

Kiddies Aerial Yoga Hammocks

R1300 per set, includes 2x daisy chains, 2x caribiners and fabric 1.5m x 5m wide.

These hammocks have a little more stretch, so they are softer on the skin.

Perfect for adults to play around with too, for endless fun.

Builds strength, confidence and power. A 'safe space' to go to when feeling emotional, these hammocks are used by OT specialists to help kids develop.

Please use a 'crash mat' or mattress underneath for safety reasons.

kids hammock aerial yoga fun best gift

Ceiling Anchor Mounting Points:

These anchor points are used to bolt directly into your ceiling.  ALWAYS make sure you have an engineer check the roof construction to make sure that it will hold not only the weight of a person, but the force that can be exerted on more complicated moves.  We will in NO WAY be legible for any accidents that happen due to any circumstances out of our control. We suggest changing the anchor points every 2 years, and sooner if you are close to salt water. ALWAYS check the integrity of ALL your equipment before attempting any moves. SAFETY FIRST.

1x hook R500 2x hooks R800 *Please check with us if in stock before paying for these.


Daisy Chains:  

1x Daisy Chain R250

2x daisy chains for R450

Our Daisy Chains have been safety tested up to 600kg force. using 2 together would increase that force to almost double of 1200kg. (Please note: If mounting the fabric on a single anchor point (and not hip distance apart,) please use BOTH daisy chains as to not compromise the integrity of the daisy chain.


 Our Stainless Steel Snaphooks are R200 each. They are tested up to 1T load bearing weight.


We have spent a great deal of time finding local people who can make our accessories. And we are proud to say, we have finally done it!

Aerial Yoga Training

We offer a few types of trainings in aerial yoga, from individual classes, to workshops, to full retreat weekends, as well as teachers trainings.