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This scholarship incudes the entire training including manuals  and accomodation for free. We are working on securing the money for the month for food. Please do contact us should you wish to donate towards a brighter future.

Mission: To allow people, who ordinarily, would not be able to afford a high quality yoga education, to study through hOHM Yoga School as a form of an upliftment programme.

Vision:  To bring the gift of yoga into rural communities that would otherwise never experience the massive benefits.


-18 to 35 years old

-Be unemployed/ earning minimum wage (with some sort of proof)

-Have been practicing yoga in some way for at least a year

-Show interest in health, in one aspect or another

-Have a keen interest in the upliftment of their own community

-Be able to attend the 1 month training for the duration of the next course (we also have spots for 2023 ad 2024)

-be prepared to teach at least 10 hours per year available to your community, as a way of giving back.

The course, and course materials will be free, as well as the accomodation. We are creating a 'donation' fund towards the food costs of this student. We trust that this will be secured before the beginning of the training.

We are all about making an impact on the lives of others, whether in a big or small way. What better way than to offer a scholarship to hOHM Yoga School's 200 hr TTC, one month intensive programme.

The chosen candidate should wish to share the concepts of yoga with their family, friends and future students, and have a passion for uplifting the community in which they serve.  Yoga sees the light in all beings, from rocks, to trees, to flowers, and strives for adherance to the Yamas & Niyamas, or ethical/ moral principles, which bring about a sense of non violence, unselfishness and compassion, to say the least.

This candidate will have an opportunity to create a not only a successful yoga business for themselves, under the mentorship of the school, but to 'pay it forward' to those that are less fortunate than they are.

One does not understand the potential impact of one person's yoga journey on those around them, and the ripple effect that can be created, upon teaching students about nutrition, self care, and taking health into their own hands, as well as ideas that they no longer have to be the victim of their own circumstances, that they can find contentment in the seemingly ordinary. It is our vision that the person that is awarded this opportunity will be a positive , uplifting influence in society.


Please send us a short (2 minute) video where you let us know why this is the perfect opportunity for you, as well as your CV or background information to or whatsapp to 0828207505.


No Chancers Please.


Love, light and all things bright,


The hOHM Yoga Team <3

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