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Preggy Yoga

There has never been a better time for Yoga than when you are pregnant! Learn to breathe for 2, creating space in your body & mind for the growing miracle inside you. We offer private & group classes.

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Child Birth Education Classes the new age way. Learning about how the process of birth actually works, and how you can equip yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually to birth your baby in joy and ease.

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The studies prove that having a Doula at your birth shortens labour by 25%, 60% less epidural requests, 50% less cesarian births. Check with your medical aid if you are covered.

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You're Pregnant, Now what?

Give Sim a call! As a mother of 2, my birth experiences were profound.  I realized that a calm, gentle birth is most definitely possible, and became totally inspired to help South African woman have the most incredible birth experiences themselves, thus Birth Bubble was derived (We are still working on the birthing website... watch this space 🙂 )

Simmi offers Child Birth Education Classes, Private and group Preggy Yoga Classes, and will be there to hold your hand through labour & birth as a WOMBS Doula.

Her trainings in the birthing field are as follows: (but not limited to)

-Pregnancy Yoga with Yoga Mama, HypnoBirthing International, WOMBS Doula Training.

Simmi attends many online and physical birth training events, as often as possible.


The knowledge of yoga and healthy living that Simmi has gained on her path as a yoga instructor is of tremendous benefit for anyone wanting to walk a healthy path, especially when it comes to a fit, healthy and stress free pregnancy. Not only eating for 2, but breathing, thinking and feeling for 2.

Extra Offerings:

Simmi spent over a year taking photos of the new born babies in 3 major hospitals in Durban (St Augustines, Parklands & Westville) Photography has always been a passion, and now it has come full circle with phtography and helping mothers navigate pregnancy and Birth.

Workshops: Book you & your partner a child birth preparation class, where we cover what to do and why, to prepare for the day you will meet your new bundle of joy <3


Preggy Massage: A relaxing gentle massage to take away the stiffness and pain of pregnancy. Some done with oil, some done in yoga positions, feel the stresses, the aches and pains disappear <3

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Send us a message to say hi!

If you are pregnant and not quite sure how to navigate the process of growing new life, send us a message, we would LOVE to help you on your pregnancy journey!