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'But what if I fall?'... Oh, my dear, but what if you FLY?!

This course is accredited with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP designation, or Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider course, taught by Simmi, with over 1000 hours of teaching people to become yoga teachers.

Aerial Yoga is a fun approach to traditional yoga, allowing you to use gravity in a different way, as you are suspended from a hammock.  The hammock can be used in SO many different ways, by many types of people, to increase strength, flexibility, power, weightloss, as well as provide extra support with things like trust issues, ADHD children and so, so much more.

Simmi has been teaching aerial yoga for over 6 years now, and is totally passionate about it. This teachers training course is an amazing addition to your existing offering as a yoga teacher. We will be offering a chakra aerial training, tapping into each of our energy centres, and using the hammock to aid us in our yogic journey. Learn all you need to know to be able to share this wonderful take on yoga with your students.


Aerial Yoga Training for Teacher's & Students of Yoga

Sticking with the Chakra System of Pyramid Yoga's Scientific approach, This comprehensive 30 hr course covers aerial yoga from the ground, up to the sky. You will learn everything you need to know, from safety, rigging, spotting, adjustments & receive a manual with over 101 Poses (and tips how to flow into your own new moves)  <3

Simmi Fink is registered as an E-RYT500 and YACEP provider, and has been teaching yoga since 2013.

"I find that teaching yoga brings out the Zen, and aerial yoga brings out the Fun."

*This training course is a blend of aerial yoga and spirituality, as I could not teach one without the other. You will gain a deeper understanding of the chakra yoga system, as taught in our 200 hour TTC's, including learning your own chakra life path energy, and other practices that do not form part of your conventional 200hr TTC. You will also gain the skills and knowledge to practice, learn and teach aerial yoga.

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How the course is structured:

Introduction, The many benefits, Anatomical facts, Endocrine System, Contra- Indications, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Pranayama breath training, Overview of each chakra & the translation into not just the aerial yoga poses, but particular styles and ways of teaching according to different aspects and the qualities of each energy centre as follows:

  1. Muladhara Chakra: (Earth) Learn about the relationship between gravity and the fabric, and the relationship between the fabric and the floor (with some body part on the floor/mat eg. feet/hands/knees) learning the foundational knowledge of this new incredible prop. Learn Low flying 'restorative' ways with the hammock
  2. Swadhistana Chakra (Water): Learning how to FLOW with your hammock, including sequencing & many hip openers.
  3. Manipura Chakra: (Fire) Learn how to use the hammock to bring on the heat & power in your aerial practice, firing up the core needed for more advanced moves as you develop your practice further.
  4. Anahata Chakra (Air): Backbends that defy gravity & don't hurt the joints.
  5. Vishuddha Chakra (Ether): We will bring in some spiritual aspects to our practice, including the voice as sound, how to teach, and make use of mantras etc in an aerial yoga class including Floating Yoga Nidra
  6. Ajna Chakra (Electro Magnetism): Finding the balance in your aerial Yoga practice & teaching methods. Balancing poses and standing in the fabric poses are incorporated as well as the art of concentration.
  7. Sahasrara (Awareness): Becoming conscious & blowing your mind. Let's expand, let's open, and let's FLY! advanced moves, Flips & tricks, according to the level of the class as well as the deepest meditations and shavasanas ever experienced.


18 to 22 November 2024  |  5 spots available

🌟 Embark on a Yoga Journey Like Never Before! 🧘‍♀️✨
"But what if I fall?"... Oh, my dear, but what if you FLY?

Retreat style at hOHM Yoga School within Mantis and Moon Backpackers Lodge.



✨ Course Options:
30-Hour Aerial Yoga Teachers Training: Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive introduction to Aerial Yoga. Perfect for personal growth, whether or not you're a certified yoga teacher. This course is jam-packed with information and different ways to translate yoga into the silks.
50-Hour Extended Training: Take the plunge and dive deeper into the world of Aerial Yoga! An additional 20 hours of training for those looking to really solidify and refine their skills and stay longer in this rejuvenating retreat-style training.
✨ Retreat Highlights:
🌅 Retreat Style: Immerse yourself in a jungle retreat setting at hOHM Yoga School within Mantis and Moon Backpackers Lodge - your jungle paradise awaits you! We have many fun activities to do at the backpackers too while you are on your breaks, from swimming pools to table tennis.
🍃 Delicious meals and a longer lunch Break for Integration: Enjoy a leisurely lunch break for integration, rest, or even a stroll on the beach. This retreat is not just about learning; it's about rejuvenation! It is all about creating balance.
✨ Course Curriculum:
Please note that the course is quite rigorous on the body.
-You will gain insights into safety, rigging, spotting, and adjustments.
-Comprehensive manual with 101+ poses and flow tips.
-Chakra-themed aerial training for a holistic approach.
Explore each chakra's energy through the hammock with inspiration from my teacher at Pyramid Yoga and their scientific approach.
✨ Course Structure:
30 Hours:
-The many benefits
-Anatomical facts
-Endocrine System
-8 Limbs of Yoga
-Pranayama breath training
-Overview of each chakra & the translation into not just the aerial yoga poses, but particular styles and ways of teaching according to different aspects and the qualities of each energy.
Chakra Exploration:
First Chakra- Standing Poses
2nd Chakra- Hips
3rd Chakra- Power
4th Chakra- Heart Openers & Backbends
5th Chakra- Yoga Nidra & Throat
6th Chakra- Balancing
7th Chakra- Tricks and Fun
50 Hours:
We will revisit and expand on what we have learnt in different formats and creative ways of putting all we have learnt through each chakra section into creating aerial yoga classes and flows so that you walk away from this course confident in your hammock.
 Date: Monday, 18 - 22 November 2024
 Location: hOHM Yoga School the heart of Mantis and Moon Backpackers Lodge
✨EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! (Until 31 August 2024) : R2000 secures your spot.
30hr YACEP Course Only: R4500
Delicious Vegetarian Meals: R1400 (8 meals)
Accommodation (Dorm/Double Bungalow):
R300 pp sharing per night in a Dorm-style Bungalow = R900
R825 per night for an En-suite Double Bungalow = R2475
✨ EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! (50 hours):
50hr YACEP Course Only: R8000
Delicious Vegetarian Meals: R2500 (14 meals)
Accommodation (Dorm/Double Bungalow):
R300 pp sharing per night in a Dorm-style Bungalow = R1800
R825 per night for an En-suite Double Bungalow = R4950
AFTER 31 August 2024,  PAY FULL PRICE:
30hr YACEP Course Only: R5400
Delicious Vegetarian Meals: R1680 (8 meals)
Accommodation (Dorm/Double Bungalow):
R360 pp sharing per night in a Dorm-style Bungalow = R1080
R990 per night for an En-suite Double Bungalow = R2970
50hr YACEP Course Only: R9600
Delicious Vegetarian Meals: R3000 (14 meals)
Accommodation (Dorm/Double Bungalow):
R360 pp sharing per night in a Dorm-style Bungalow = R2160
R990 per night for an En-suite Double Bungalow = R5940
Payment Plans Available!
Chat with us for flexible options and embark on this high-quality YACEP retreat teacher training.
All participants enjoy discounts on premium-quality hammock purchases, including an optional hammock to keep for R2000 (save R500). As a student of hOHM yoga, you will continue to enjoy discounted benefits in the future on all hammock purchases!
Ready to soar? Secure your spot now and choose the training that suits your journey. Dive deep and rediscover the joy of aerial yoga amidst the tranquility of a retreat-style setting! We are so excited to host you!


22 - 25 June 2024

PLEASE EMAIL: to book.

30 hour YACEP course investment: R6500 (early bird special R5500 pay 2 months before)

We are very excited about joining forces with Ananda Sanctuary in Woodstock, CT for this comprehensive course.

Optional Aerial Yoga Hammock to keep: R2000 (save R500, selling for R2500. You will also get 20% off the price for your students to buy in future <3)

chat to use regarding payment plans & options for this high quality retreat teacher training.


200hr Chakra Yoga TTC

Feeling really adventurous and ready for a new life? Join us for the entire 200 hr Yoga Teachers Training in the Mantis and Moon!