200hr Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

This fully-immersive 31 day 200 hour chakra yoga teacher training will introduce you to a truly eye-opening education. You will learn a lot about yourself, break through old limitations and be equipped with the tools and knowledge to spread the consciousness that so many seek in these times.

chakra yoga teachers training

Chakra Yoga

What used to be seen as taboo is being proven scientific fact more each day as scientists delve deeper into energy, physics and matter. We as intellectual beings are becoming more aware of the realities of our existence as information becomes more easily accessible and widely spread.

The study of Chakra yoga helps us understand the different energy centres that exist within each of us. Learn powerful tools to better understand and categorize the defining traits of yourself and others, these tools will better equip you to help others in and outside of your practice.

Discover the connection between the physical, emotional and mental bodies and implement the techniques that help us overcome trauma, address health concerns and create balance within ourselves.

Simmi has been teaching chakra yoga for many years now, and is totally passionate and knowledgeable about it. Her yogis have gone on to be highly confident and independent instructors, continuously looking to grow and returning HOhm, where the heart is, occasionally for such growth and empowerment.

To Teach is to Learn Twice

Attend classes on the beach or in this incredible studio, build your knowledge in different yoga styles, explore aerial yoga and have fun exploring your own strengths as well as the things that you will be making stronger.

These experiences are what will help build your own practice and help you take it forward to teach others. You will find yourself inspired to make the next big leap in your life, I know I did.

Sim has a style of teaching that puts power in your hands and gives you so much freedom to explore Chakra yoga in your own way. She teaches with an incomparable kindness, constantly practicing positivity and providing guidance with love and an open mind.

Our course syllabus dives deeply into:

  • The relationship between yoga and the human body’s anatomy
  • Breathing techniques and practice
  • Study of various asana
  • The history of yoga and the rules that govern us
  • The professional practice of yoga
  • The energetic realities that make up our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves
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Investment to Self

This fully-immersive experience is hosted inside the magical Mantis and Moon backpackers lodge in the secure and peaceful haven named Umzumbe on the South Coast of KZN.

This jungle oasis is widely known for it’s incredibly open and friendly staff, their variety of entertainment but most profoundly, the setting. It is easy to fall into a habit of mindfulness in a space where the natural habitat calls for your attention as you walk the wooden raised pathways.

Listen to the natural inhabitants of a coastal jungle, hear the ocean waves crashing against the rocks and smell the sweet scent of nature blooming all around you. Eat divine freshly prepared health-conscious meals everyday in the beautiful Yum cafe while relaxing next to the swimming pool with the sound of running water features and even more jungle all around.

Our next TTC will begin in May 2021, due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 epidemic, final dates to be confirmed.

R35 000. 00

Accommodation per person sharing, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

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200hr Chakra Yoga TTC

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